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Everything about fun for both kids and adults is all in one at Emaar! Emaar Aquarium and Underwater Zoo with over 20,000 liveries, Emaar Skyview viewing terrace with the longest glass terrace in Europe with 27 meters and breathtaking VR ROOM with its games…

Emaar Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Emaar SkyView | Obeservation Deck

Get a whole new perspective on Istanbul – with spellbinding 360° vistas from 300 metres above Downtown Kadıköy, Istanbul. With Emaar Skyview located on the 47th and 48th floors, you will experience the cosmos of this beautiful city with a glass viewing terrace.

Emaar SkyWalk | Glass Walkway

Ready to rise to the challenge? Sky Walk is the most thrilling experience in SkyView, and the first of its kind in region. It is the city’s highest hands-free walk on a ledge which spans 30 meters wide at the top of the North Tower, over 300 metres above the sea level taking thrill seekers to the tippy-top of Istanbul.

Emaar Entertainment | Cluster Tickets

Immerse yourself - experience a breathtaking slide from ground to ground, outside the tower and at more than 219.5 meters in the air.